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MTV212MS64I Datasheet PDF : 26 Pages
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(Rev 0.9)
6.4 H/V Polarity Detect
The polarity functions detect the input HSYNC/VSYNC high and low pulse duty cycle. If the high pulse
duration is longer than that of the low pulse, the negative polarity is asserted; otherwise, positive polarity is
asserted. The HPLchg interrupt is set when the Hpol value changes. The VPLchg interrupt is set when the
Vpol value changes.
6.5 Output HBLANK/VBLANK Control and Polarity Adjust
The HBLANK is the mux output of HSYNC, composite Hpulse and self-test horizontal pattern. The VBLANK
is the mux output of VSYNC, CVSYNC and self-test vertical pattern. The mux selection and output polarity
are S/W controllable. The VBLANK output is cut off when VSYNC frequency is over 200Hz. The
HBLANK/VBLANK shares the output pin with P4.1/ P4.0.
6.6 Self-Test Pattern Generator
For testing purposes, this generator can generate 4 display patterns, which are positive cross-hatch,
negative cross-hatch, full white, and full black (showed as following figure). The HBLANK output frequency of
the pattern can be chosen to 95.2KHz, 63.5KHz, 47.6KHz and 31.75KHz. The VBLANK output frequency of
the pattern is 72Hz or 60Hz. It is originally designed to support monitor manufacturers to do burn-in test, or
offer end-users a reference to check the monitor. The output STOUT of the generator shares the output pin
with P4.2.
Display Region
Positive cross-hatch
Negative cross-hatch
Full white
Revision 0.9
Full black
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