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M1A3P400-FGG484ES Datasheet PDF : 220 Pages
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ProASIC3 Device Family Overview
4. Sort the pins as desired by clicking any of the column headers to sort the entries by that header.
Select the I/Os you wish to modify (Figure 1-4 on page 1-8).
5. Set the I/O Output State. You can set Basic I/O settings if you want to use the default I/O settings
for your pins, or use Custom I/O settings to customize the settings for each pin. Basic I/O state
1 – I/O is set to drive out logic High
0 – I/O is set to drive out logic Low
Last Known State – I/O is set to the last value that was driven out prior to entering the
programming mode, and then held at that value during programming
Z -Tristate: I/O is tristated
Figure 1-4 • I/O States During Programming Window
6. Click OK to return to the FlashPoint – Programming File Generator window.
Note: I/O States During programming are saved to the ADB and resulting programming files after
completing programming file generation.
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