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SA7.0CA-2020 View Datasheet(PDF) - Vishay Semiconductors

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Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
SA7.0CA Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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Mouser Electronics
Authorized Distributor
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SA8.0A-E3/51 SA8.0A-E3/54 SA8.0A-E3/73 SA8.0AHE3/54 SA8.0AHE3/73 SA8.0CA/4 SA8.0CA/54 SA8.0CA-
E3/23 SA8.0CA-E3/4 SA8.0CA-E3/51 SA8.0CA-E3/54 SA8.0CA-E3/73 SA8.0CAHE3/54 SA8.0CAHE3/73 SA8.0C-
E3/4 SA8.0C-E3/51 SA8.0C-E3/54 SA8.0C-E3/73 SA8.0CHE3/54 SA8.0CHE3/73 SA8.0-E3/51 SA8.0-E3/54
SA8.0-E3/73 SA8.0HE3/54 SA8.0HE3/73 SA8.5A/4 SA8.5A-E3/4 SA8.5A-E3/51 SA8.5A-E3/54 SA8.5A-E3/73
SA8.5AHE3/54 SA8.5AHE3/73 SA8.5CA/4 SA8.5CA/54 SA8.5CA-E3/4 SA8.5CA-E3/51 SA8.5CA-E3/54 SA8.5CA-
E3/73 SA8.5CAHE3/54 SA8.5CAHE3/73 SA8.5C-E3/4 SA8.5C-E3/51 SA8.5C-E3/54 SA8.5C-E3/73 SA8.5CHE3/54
SA8.5CHE3/73 SA8.5-E3/51 SA8.5-E3/54 SA8.5-E3/73 SA8.5HE3/54 SA8.5HE3/73 SA85A/4 SA85A-E3/4
SA85A-E3/51 SA85A-E3/54 SA85A-E3/73 SA85AHE3/54 SA85AHE3/73 SA85CA/4 SA85CA/54 SA85CA-E3/51
SA85CA-E3/54 SA85CA-E3/73 SA85CAHE3/54 SA85CAHE3/73 SA9.0A-E3/54 SA9.0A-E3/73 SA9.0AHE3/54
SA9.0AHE3/73 SA9.0CA/4 SA9.0CA-E3/54 SA9.0CA-E3/73 SA9.0CAHE3/54 SA9.0CAHE3/73 SA9.0CHE3/54
SA9.0CHE3/73 SA9.0HE3/54 SA9.0HE3/73 SA90A-E3/54 SA90A-E3/73 SA90AHE3/54 SA90AHE3/73 SA90CA-
E3/54 SA90CA-E3/73 SA90CAHE3/54 SA90CAHE3/73 SA90-E3/54 SA100A/4 SA100A-E3/4 SA100A-E3/51
SA100A-E3/54 SA100A-E3/73 SA100AHE3/54 SA100AHE3/73 SA100C/54 SA100CA/4 SA100CA-E3/51
SA100CA-E3/54 SA100CA-E3/73 SA100CAHE3/54
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