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Shenzhen Huazhimei Semiconductor Co., Ltd HMSEMI
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HM4231 is a rechargeable button battery that can be powered by solar panels Charge management chip. The device includes power transistors, which should be It does not require external current detection resistors and blocking diodes when used. The internal charging current adaptive module can be based on the input power The current output capability automatically adjusts the charging current, and the user does not need to consider Considering the worst case, the current of the input power supply can be utilized to the maximum Output capacity, very suitable for using solar panels and other current output energy Power supply applications with limited power. +0 only needs very little Peripheral components are very suitable for the field of portable applications. The thermal modulation circuit can be used when the power consumption of the device is relatively large or the ambient temperature When the temperature is relatively high, control the chip temperature within a safe range. The internal fixed constant voltage charging voltage is 3.3V, and it can also be The external resistance is adjusted upwards, which is very suitable for coin-type lithium manganese batteries Battery, lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium battery charging applications. Rechargeable The flow is set by an external resistor. When the input voltage is powered down, HM4231 automatically enters the low-power sleep mode, at this time the battery The current consumption is less than 3 microamperes. Other features include low input voltage Locking, automatic recharging and charging status indication and other functions. HM4231 is available in a 6-pin SOT23 package (SOT23-6).

● Automatically adjust according to the current output capability of the input voltage source recharging current
● Voltages with limited output current capability such as solar panels can be used Power supply
● Very suitable for coin-type lithium manganese batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and Lithium battery charging application
● Input voltage range: 3.9V to 6V
● On-chip power transistor
● No need for external blocking diode and current detection resistor
● Constant voltage charging voltage 3.3V, also can pass an external resistor Up regulation
● Can be used as a voltage source
● Internal soft start circuit
● In order to activate deeply discharged batteries and reduce power consumption, Use trickle charging mode when the battery voltage is low
● Settable constant current charging current range 10mA to 300mA
● Use constant current/constant voltage/constant temperature mode to charge, Maximize the electrical current and prevent the chip from overheating
● Automatically enter a low-power sleep mode when the power supply voltage is off
● Charge status indication output
● C/10 charging end detection
● Automatic recharging
● Package form SOT23-6
● The product is lead-free, meets rohs, and does not contain halogen


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