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M15KP78CAE3 15,000 Watt Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Protection Device Microsemi
Microsemi Corporation Microsemi
M15KP78CAE3 Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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M15KP22A M15KP280CA(e3)
Temperature Coefficient of Breakdown Voltage: The change in breakdown voltage divided by the change in
temperature that caused it expressed in %/°C or mV/°C.
Breakdown Current: The current used for measuring Breakdown Voltage V(BR).
Standby Current: The current through the device at rated stand-off voltage.
Surge Peak Forward Current: The forward current including all nonrepetitive transient currents but excluding all
repetitive transients (ref JESD282-B).
Peak Impulse Current: The maximum rated random recurring peak impulse current or nonrepetitive peak impulse
current that may be applied to a device. A random recurring or nonrepetitive transient current is usually due to an
external cause, and it is assumed that its effect will have completely disappeared before the next transient arrives.
Peak Pulse Power. The rated random recurring peak impulse power or rated nonrepetitive peak impulse power. The
impulse power is the maximum-rated value of the product of IPP and VC.
Breakdown Voltage: The voltage across the device at a specified current I(BR) in the breakdown region.
Clamping Voltage: The voltage across the device in a region of low differential resistance during the application of an
impulse current (IPP) for a specified waveform.
Working Standoff Voltage: The maximum-rated value of dc or repetitive peak positive cathode-to-anode voltage that
may be continuously applied over the standard operating temperature.
RF01011, Rev. E (01/12/16)
©2016 Microsemi Corporation
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