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Q67000-A8163 Power Factor Controller IC for High Power Factor and Active Harmonic Filter Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
Q67000-A8163 Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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TDA 4814
Benefits of TDA 4814 A in Electronic Ballasts and SMPS
q Sinusoidal line current consumption
q Power Factor approaching 1 increases the power available from the AC line by more than 35 %
compared to conventional rectifier circuits. Circuit breakers and connectors become more
reliable because of the lower peak currents.
q Active harmonic filtering reduces harmonic content in line current to meet VDE / IEC / EN-
q Wide-range power supplies are easier to implement for AC input voltages of 90 to 250 V without
q Preregulated DC output voltage provides optimal operating conditions for a subsequent
q Reduced smoothing capacitance:
For a given amplitude of the 100 / 120 Hz ripple voltage the smoothing capacitance can be
reduced by 50 % in comparison to a conventional recitifier circuit.
q Reduced choke size:
Rectifier circuits capable ot more than 200 W usually employ chokes to decrease the charging
current of the capacitor. These chokes are larger than those used in a preregulator with power-
factor control.
q Higher effciency:
A preregulator does cause some additional losses, but these are more than cornpensated for by
the cut in losses created by the rectifier configuration and the optimum operting conditions that
are produced for a subsequent converter, even in the event of supply-voltage fluctuations.
Summary of Effects of DC-Voltage Preregulation with Power-Factor Control
Mean DC supply voltage
280 V
Maximum DC supply voltage with line overvoltage
350 V
Minimum DC supply voltage with line undervoltage
230 V
Relative reverse voltage of diodes with line overvoltage 1
Relative forward resistance of SIPMOS transistors with
sustained conducting-state power loss and line
Relative forward resistance of SIPMOS transistors with
sustained conducting-state power loss and rated supply 1
Relative input capacitance with sustained ripple voltage 1
Power factor
0.5 to 0.7
Rectification with
Preregulator and
340 V
350 V
330 V
0.3 to 0.5
Version 2.0
1 Jun 1996
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