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Q67000-A8163 Power Factor Controller IC for High Power Factor and Active Harmonic Filter Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
Q67000-A8163 Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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TDA 4814
Discontinuous Operation Mode with Variable Frequency
The TDA 4814 A work in a discontinuous operation mode with variable frequency.
The principle of a freely oscillating controller exploits the physical relationship between current and
voltage at the boost converter choke. The current in the semiconductors flows in a triangular shape.
It is only when the current in the boost converter diode has gone to zero that the transistor goes
conductive. This arrangement does away with the diode’s power-squandering reverse currents.
If triangular currents flow continuously through the boost converter choke the input current
averaged over a high-frequency period is exactly half the peak of the high-frequency choke current.
If the peak values of the choke current are located along an envelope curve that is proportional to
a sinusoidal, low-frequency input voltage, the input current available after smoothing in an RFI filter
is sinusoidal.
Version 2.0
1 Jun 1996
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