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零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
AS2830T-5.0 3A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Adjustable & Fixed Output, Fast Response Alpha
Alpha Industries Alpha
AS2830T-5.0 Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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The ALPHA Semiconductor AS2830incorporates protection
against over-current faults, reversed load insertion, over
temperature operation, and positive and negative transient
voltage. However, the use of an output capacitor is required
in order to improve the stability and the performances.
The output capacitor is part of the regulator’s frequency
compensation system. Either a 22µF aluminum electrolytic
capacitor or a 10µF solid tantalum capacitor between the
output terminal and ground guarantees stable operation for all
operating conditions.
However, in order to minimize overshoot and undershoot, and
therefore optimize the design, please refer to the section
‘Ripple Rejection’.
Ripple Rejection
Ripple rejection can be improved by adding a capacitor
between the ADJ pin and ground as shown in figure 6. When
ADJ pin bypassing is used, the value of the output capacitor
required increases to its maximum (22µF for an aluminum
electrolytic capacitor, or 10µF for a solid tantalum capacitor).
If the ADJ pin is not bypass, the value of the output capacitor
can be lowered to 10µF for an electrolytic aluminum
capacitor or 4.7µF for a solid tantalum capacitor.
However the value of the ADJ-bypass capacitor should be
chosen with respect to the following equation:
C = 1 / ( 6.28 * FR * R1 )
Where C = value of the capacitor in Farads (select an
equal or larger standard value),
FR = ripple frequency in Hz,
R1 = value of resistor R1 in Ohms.
If an ADJ-bypass capacitor is use, the amplitude of the output
ripple will be independent of the output voltage. If an ADJ-
bypass capacitor is not used, the output ripple will be
proportional to the ratio of the output voltage to the reference
Where M = multiplier for the ripple seen when the ADJ pin
is optimally bypassed.
VREF = Reference Voltage
Reducing parasitic resistance and inductance
One solution to minimize parasitic resistance and inductance
is to connect in parallel capacitors. This arrangement will
improve the transient response of the power supply if your
system requires rapidly changing current load condition.
Thermal Consideration
Although the AS2830 offers some limiting circuitry for
overload conditions, it is necessary not to exceed the
maximum junction temperature, and therefore to be careful
about thermal resistance. The heat flow will follow the
lowest resistance path, which is the Junction-to-case thermal
resistance. In order to insure the best thermal flow of the
component, a proper mounting is required. Note that the case
of the device is electrically connected to the output. In case
the case has to be electrically isolated, a thermally conductive
spacer can be used. However do not forget to consider its
contribution to thermal resistance.
VIN = 10V, VOUT = 5V, IOUT = 1.5A, TA = 50°C/W,
θ Heatsink Case= 6°C/W, θ Heatsink Case = 0.5°C/W, θ JC = 3°C/W
Power dissipation under this condition
PD = (VIN – VOUT) * IOUT = 7.5W
Junction Temperature
TJ = TA + PD * (θ Case - HS+ θ HS + θ JC)
For the Control Sections
TJ = 50 + 7.5*(0.5 +6=3) = 121.25°C
121.25°C < TJ (max) for the Control & Power Sections.
In both case reliable operation is insured by adequate junction
Alpha Semiconductor Inc. 1031 Serpentine Lane. Pleasanton, CA 94566 Tel: (9250 417-1391 Fax: (925) 417-1390
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