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BCP-5/15-3.3/15-D24NL2 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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BCP Models
Performance/Functional Specifications
Typical @ TA = +25°C under nominal line voltage, balanced "full-load" conditions, unless noted.
Input Voltage Range:
D24 Models
D48 Models
18-36 Volts (24V nominal)
36-75 Volts (48V nominal)
Overvoltage Shutdown:
D24 Models
D48 Models
37.5-40.5 Volts (39V typical)
78.8-87.0 Volts (83V typical)
Start-Up Threshold:
D24 Models
D48 Models
15.5-18 Volts (16.5V typical)
33.5-36 Volts (34.4V typical)
Undervoltage Shutdown:
D24 Models
D48 Models
14-16 Volts (15.3V typical)
30.5-33.5 Volts (31.8V typical)
Input Current:
Normal Operating Conditions
Minimum Input Voltage:
D24 Models
D48 Models
Standby Mode:
Off, OV, UV, Thermal Shutdown
See Ordering Guide
5.02 Amps maximum
2.51 Amps maximum
17mA typical
Input Reflected Ripple Current:
Source Impedance <0.1
22µF Low-ESR Capacitor
53mArms, 150mAp-p maximum
Input Filter Type
Pi (0.47pF - 4.7µH - 3µF)
Reverse-Polarity Protection:
D24 Models
D48 Models
1 minute duration, 6A maximum
1 minute duration, 4A maximum
On/Off Control: (Pin 3) ➁ ➂ ➄
D24 & D48 Models
D24N & D48N" Models
Sync (Option, Pin 3): ➁ ➂ ➄
Input Threshold (Rising Edge Active)
Input Voltage Low
Input Voltage High
Input Resistance
Output High Voltage (100µA load)
Input/Output Pulse Width
On = open or 2.0 - +VIN, IIN = 50µA max.
Off = 0-0.6V, IIN = 1mA max.
On = 0-0.6V, IIN = 1mA max.
Off = open or 2.0 - +VIN, IIN = 50µA max.
0.9-1.8 Volts
0-0.8 Volts
2.9-5.0 Volts
2.1-2.8 Volts
VOUT Accuracy
5V Output
3.3V Output
±2% maximum
±2% maximum
Minimum Loading Per Specification No load
Ripple/Noise (20MHz BW) ➁ ➃
See Ordering Guide
Line/Load Regulation
See Ordering Guide
See Ordering Guide and Efficiency Curves
Trim Range
±10% independent
Isolation Voltage:
1500Vdc minimum
1000Vdc minimum
1000Vdc minimum
Isolation Capacitance
Isolation resistance
Current Limit Inception:
5V @ 98% VOUT (3.3V no-load)
3.3V @ 98% VOUT (5V no-load)
Short Circuit Current:
16-20 Amps
16-20 Amps
Constant current 25A, indefinite
Temperature Coefficient
±0.02% per °C
Output (continued)
Overvoltage Protection:
5V Output
3.3V Output
Magnetic feedback, latching
6.8 volts
Dynamic Characteristics
Dynamic Load Response:
5V (50-100% load step to 1% VOUT)
3.3V (50-100% load step to 1% VOUT)
Start-Up Time:
On/Off to VOUT
450µsec maximum
450µsec maximum
30msec maximum
20msec maximum
Switching Frequency
350kHz (±35kHz)
D24 Models
D48 Models
Bellcore, ground fixed, controlled
1.49M hours (case @ 50°C)
1.72M hours (case @ 50°C)
Operating Temperature (Ambient):
θ Case to Ambient, No Heatsink
Without Derating
With Derating
–40 to +45°C (with heat sink)
To +100°C (See Derating Curves)
Case Temperature:
Maximum Allowable
For Thermal Shutdown
+100°C minimum, +110°C maximum
Storage Temperature
–40 to +120°C
2.3" x 2.4" x 0.525" (58.4 x 61 x 13.3mm)
Case (Baseplate) Connection
Pin 2
Case/Pin Material
Diallyl phthalate, UL94V-0 rated, aluminum
baseplate; solder-tinned brass pins
4.2 ounces (118 grams)
Primary to Secondary Insulation Level Basic
Models are specified at "full load" (5V & 3.3V @ 7.5A), with an external 22µF, low-ESR,
input capacitor and 10µF tantalum in parallel with 1µF ceramic output capacitors.
See Technical Notes for details.
Devices may be ordered with opposite polarity (pin 3 open = off), or the On/Off Control
function can be replaced with a sync function. See Part Number Suffixes and Technical
Notes for additional information.
Output noise may be further reduced with the installation of additional external output
capacitors. See Technical Notes.
These signals must be referenced to the input return pin (–VIN).
Demonstrated MTBF available on request.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Input Voltage:
D24 Models
D48 Models
Transient (100msec): D24 Models
D48 Models
40.5 Volts
87 Volts
50 Volts
100 Volts
Input Reverse-Polarity Protection
D24 Models
D48 Models
Input Current must be limited. 1 minute
duration. Fusing recommended.
6 Amps
4 Amps
Output Overvoltage Protection
3.3V Outputs
5V Outputs
3.8 Volts, latching
6.2 Volts, latching
Output Current
Current limited. Devices can withstand
an indefinite output short circuit.
Storage Temperature
–40 to +120°C
Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) +300°C
These are stress ratings. Exposure of devices to any of these conditions may adversely
affect long-term reliability. Proper operation under conditions other than those listed in the
Performance/Functional Specifications Table is not implied, nor recommended.
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