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622HH Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
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622 HH
DC axial compact fan
Technical features
General description
Material of impeller
Housing material
Direction of air flow
Direction of rotation
Lifetime L10 at 40 °C
Lifetime L10 at maximum
Connection line
Motor protection
Locked-rotor protection
Particular design features:
Rigid compression curve for high air flow at high counterpressure.
Motor has very low structure-borne noise.
Innovative impeller with winglets for low noise.
Control inputs and alarm and speed signals available on request.
General features:
Material: fibreglass-reinforced plastic. Impeller PA, housing PBT.
Electronic commutation completely integrated.
Protected against reverse polarity and locking.
Connection via single strands AWG 22, TR 64, bared and tin-plated.
Air exhaust over bars. Rotational direction clockwise looking at rotor.
Mass: 85 g.
0.085 kg
60 x 60 x 25 mm
Fiberglass-reinforced PA plastic
Fiberglass-reinforced PBT plastic
Air exhaust over bars
Right, looking at rotor
Ball bearings
65000 h
32500 h
Single strands AWG 22, TR 64, bared and tin-plated.
Protected against reverse polarity and locking.
With electronic blocking and overload protection
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