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6252 IEC1010 Compliant Test Lead Coupler POMONA
Pomona Electronics POMONA
6252 Datasheet PDF : 1 Pages
Model 6252
IEC1010 Compliant Test
Lead Coupler
Interfaces to safety style sheathed 4 mm plugs.
Provides a fast and easy method to splice two cables together to increase cable length.
Complies to IEC 1010-2-031, which is the latest international safety standard for test accessories.
For added safety, the insulation material is Polypropylene, Fire Retardant – UL94 V-2 rated.
Mates to Pomona’s Models 5907A, 5908A and 5909A flexible test leads.
Tubing: Brass, Nickel Plated
Insulation: Polypropylene, Color: One black and one red
IEC 1010 2-031, Category III, P2 Compliant
Operating Temperature: 80°C (176°F) Max.
Operating Voltage: 1,000 VRMS/DC Max.
Current: 10 Amperes Max.
(Set of one black and one red)
Couplers are also included in many Pomona DMM Test Kits.
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm), .xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm).
All specifications are to the latest revisions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Made in USA
7/8/02 SY/EH/LS
Sales: 800-490-2361 Fax: 888-403-3360
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Technical Assistance: 800-241-2060
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PomonaACCESS 90485 (800) 444-6785 or (425) 446-6010
More drawings available at www.pomonaelectronics.com
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