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M1A3P1000-1FG144M View Datasheet(PDF) - Actel Corporation

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M1A3P1000-1FG144M Military ProASIC3/EL Low-Power Flash FPGAs with Flash*Freeze Technology ACTEL
Actel Corporation ACTEL
M1A3P1000-1FG144M Datasheet PDF : 181 Pages
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Military ProASIC3/EL Device Family Overview
Flash*Freeze Technology††
Military ProASIC3EL devices offer Actel's proven Flash*Freeze technology, which enables designers
to instantaneously shut off dynamic power consumption while retaining all SRAM and register
information. Flash*Freeze technology enables the user to quickly (within 1 µs) enter and exit
Flash*Freeze mode by activating the Flash*Freeze (FF) pin while all power supplies are kept at their
original values. In addition, I/Os and global I/Os can still be driven and can be toggling without
impact on power consumption; clocks can still be driven or can be toggling without impact on
power consumption; all core registers and SRAM cells retain their states. I/Os are tristated during
Flash*Freeze mode or can be set to a certain state using weak pull-up or pull-down I/O attribute
configuration. No power is consumed by the I/O banks, clocks, JTAG pins, or PLLs. Flash*Freeze
technology allows the user to switch to active mode on demand, thus simplifying the power
management of the device.
The FF pin (active low) can be routed internally to the core to allow the user's logic to decide when
it is safe to transition to this mode. It is also possible to use the FF pin as a regular I/O if
Flash*Freeze mode usage is not planned, which is advantageous because of the inherent low-
power static and dynamic capabilities of the military ProASIC3EL device. Refer to Figure 1-3 for an
illustration of entering/exiting Flash*Freeze mode.
Mode Control
Actel ProASIC3EL
Flash*Freeze Pin
Figure 1-3 • Military ProASIC3EL Flash*Freeze Mode
The military ProASIC3/EL core consists of VersaTiles, which have been enhanced beyond the
ProASICPLUS® core tiles. The military ProASIC3/EL VersaTile supports the following:
• All 3-input logic functions—LUT-3 equivalent
• Latch with clear or set
• D-flip-flop with clear or set
• Enable D-flip-flop with clear or set
Refer to Figure 1-4 for VersaTile configurations.
LUT-3 Equivalent
X2 LUT-3 Y
D-Flip-Flop with Clear or Set
Figure 1-4 • VersaTile Configurations
Enable D-Flip-Flop with Clear or Set
†† Flash*Freeze technology is not supported for A3P1000.
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