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M1A3P1000-1FG144M View Datasheet(PDF) - Actel Corporation

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M1A3P1000-1FG144M Military ProASIC3/EL Low-Power Flash FPGAs with Flash*Freeze Technology ACTEL
Actel Corporation ACTEL
M1A3P1000-1FG144M Datasheet PDF : 181 Pages
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1 – Military ProASIC3/EL Device Family Overview
General Description
The military ProASIC3/EL family of Actel flash FPGAs dramatically reduces dynamic power
consumption by 40% and static power by 50%. These power savings are coupled with
performance, density, true single chip, 1.2 V to 1.5 V core and I/O operation, reprogrammability,
and advanced features.
Actel's proven Flash*Freeze technology enables military ProASIC3EL device users to shut off
dynamic power instantaneously and switch the device to static mode without the need to switch
off clocks or power supplies, and retaining internal states of the device. This greatly simplifies
power management. In addition, optimized software tools using power-driven layout provide
instant push-button power reduction.
Nonvolatile flash technology gives military ProASIC3/EL devices the advantage of being a secure,
low-power, single-chip solution that is live at power-up (LAPU). Military ProASIC3/EL devices offer
dramatic dynamic power savings, giving FPGA users flexibility to combine low power with high
These features enable designers to create high-density systems using existing ASIC or FPGA design
flows and tools.
Military ProASIC3/EL devices offer 1 kbit of on-chip, reprogrammable, nonvolatile FlashROM
storage as well as clock conditioning circuitry (CCC) based on an integrated phase-locked loop
(PLL). Military ProASIC3/EL devices support devices from 600 k system gates to 3 million system
gates with up to 504 kbits of true dual-port SRAM and 620 user I/Os.
M1 military ProASIC3/EL devices support the high-performance, 32-bit Cortex-M1 processor
developed by ARM for implementation in FPGAs. ARM Cortex-M1 is a soft processor that is fully
implemented in the FPGA fabric. It has a three-stage pipeline that offers a good balance between
low-power consumption and speed when implemented in an M1 military ProASIC3/EL device. The
processor runs the ARMv6-M instruction set, has a configurable nested interrupt controller, and can
be implemented with or without the debug block. ARM Cortex-M1 is available at no cost from
Actel for use in M1 military ProASIC3/ELFPGAs.
The ARM-enabled devices have Actel ordering numbers that begin with M1 and do not support
AES decryption.
Flash*Freeze Technology
Military ProASIC3EL devices offer Actel's proven Flash*Freeze technology, which allows
instantaneous switching from an active state to a static state. When Flash*Freeze mode is
activated, military ProASIC3EL devices enter a static state while retaining the contents of registers
and SRAM. Power is conserved without the need for additional external components to turn off
I/Os or clocks. Flash*Freeze technology is combined with in-system programmability, which enables
users to quickly and easily upgrade and update their designs in the final stages of manufacturing
or in the field. The ability of military ProASIC3EL devices to support a 1.2 V core voltage allows for
an even greater reduction in power consumption, which enables low total system power.
When the military ProASIC3EL device enters Flash*Freeze mode, the device automatically shuts off
the clocks and inputs to the FPGA core; when the device exits Flash*Freeze mode, all activity
resumes and data is retained.
The availability of low-power modes, combined with a reprogrammable, single-chip, single-voltage
solution, make military ProASIC3EL devices suitable for low-power data transfer and manipulation
in military-temperature applications where available power may be limited (e.g., in battery-
powered equipment); or where heat dissipation may be limited (e.g., in enclosures with no forced
† Flash*Freeze technology is not supported on A3P1000.
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