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ST90T158M9Q6 Datasheet PDF : 190 Pages
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1.1.5 Multifunction Timers (MFT)
Each multifunction timer has a 16-bit Up/Down
counter supported by two 16-bit Compare regis-
ters and two 16-bit input capture registers. Timing
resolution can be programmed using an 8-bit pres-
caler. Multibyte transfers between the peripheral
and memory are supported by two DMA channels.
1.1.6 Standard Timer (STIM)
The Standard Timer includes a programmable 16-
bit down counter and an associated 8-bit prescaler
with Single and Continuous counting modes.
1.1.7 Watchdog Timer (WDT)
The Watchdog timer can be used to monitor sys-
tem integrity. When enabled, it generates a reset
after a timeout period unless the counter is re-
freshed by the application software. For additional
security, watchdog function can be enabled by
hardware using a specific pin.
1.1.8 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
The SPI bus is used to communicate with external
devices via the SPI, or I C bus communication
standards. The SPI uses one or two lines for serial
data and a synchronous clock signal.
1.1.9 Serial Communications Controllers (SCI)
Each SCI provides a synchronous or asynchro-
nous serial I/O port using two DMA channels.
Baud rates and data formats are programmable.
1.1.10 Analog/Digital Converter (ADC)
The ADCs provide up to 8 analog inputs with on-
chip sample and hold. The analog watchdog gen-
erates an interrupt when the input voltage moves
out of a preset threshold.
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