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FM25D04C-1ACA3T Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - FIDELIX

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FM25D04C-1ACA3T Datasheet PDF : 61 Pages
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11.2.21 Erase / Program Resume (7Ah)
The Erase/Program Resume instruction “7Ah” must be written to resume the Sector or Block Erase
operation or the Page Program operation after an Erase/Program Suspend. The Resume
instruction 7Ah” will be accepted by the device only if the SUS bit in the Status Register equals to
1 and the BUSY bit equals to 0. After issued the SUS bit will be cleared from 1 to 0 immediately,
the BUSY bit will be set from 0 to 1 within 200ns and the Sector or Block will complete the erase
operation or the page will complete the program operation. If the SUS bit equals to 0 or the BUSY
bit equals to 1, the Resume instruction “7Ah” will be ignored by the device. The Erase/Program
Resume instruction sequence is shown in figure 21.
Resume instruction is ignored if the previous Erase/Program Suspend operation was interrupted
by unexpected power off. It is also required that a subsequent Erase/Program Suspend instruction
not to be issued within a minimum of time of “tSUS” following a previous Resume instruction.
Figure 21. Erase / Program Resume instruction Sequence
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