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02J1502JR View Datasheet(PDF) - Vishay Semiconductors

Part Name
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
02J1502JR Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Mouser Electronics
Authorized Distributor
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01M2002SPB3 01M2502SPB3 01M1502SPB4 07C1003SPA3 01M5001JP 01M1002SPB3 01M1502SPB8
01M1002SPB4 01M1502SPA3 01M1002SPA3 01M1502SPA4 01M1002SPA5 08C3002SPA3 01C3000SPC3
02C1751FP 04M6802JP 01C5101FP 01M1501JP 12M1003JP 02M1501JP 04T5002FP 04T5002JP
01M5001SPB4 01M6001SPC3 01M5001SPB3 01M5001SPC3 01C9001JP 01C4001JP 12C1503JP 01M1701JP
12C2503JP 01C1752SPC3 01M5001KP 01M1601KP 02C7500KP 12M5002JP 01M5000JP 02C9000FP 7M1203-
5 7M5002-5 7M7502-5 01M2252FP 09T1002JP 09T1002FP 01T1002FP 01T1002JP 01C1002JP 01C1002FP
01C6001JP 01C6001KP 04M1003SPC3 01M6001FP 01M6001JP 01T2251SPA3 02M1801SPB2 08C1003SPC3
08C1003SPB5 07C5002FP 02C5000SPA3 02C3000SPA2 08C1003FP 02C1001FP 04C1003SPC3 07C1003KP
02C1001KP 01C1001FP 01C1001JP 02C6000KP 02C5000KP 07M1203KP 02C5000FP 4M3002-C3 4M5002-A4
01M2251FP 01T3001FP 02M1201SPB3 04M5002FP 04T5002SPC5 04T1003JP 08T1003JP 02C1801JP
02C8000FP 08T4002SPC5 01C3001KP 08M3002SPB5 01C2001JP 01C6801SPC3 01T1001FP 04M1003JP
12M1004JP 01M1502JP 01C7001JP 01C7001FP 08T1003SPC5 01T5001FP 01T5001JP 01M2502JP
07M2502KP 02C2000JF 01C2001SPB3
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