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1206B476M6R3YX View Datasheet(PDF) - Unspecified

Part Name1206B476M6R3YX ETC
DescriptionHigh Capacitance Chip X7R & X5R
1206B476M6R3YX Datasheet PDF : 3 Pages
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Mouser Electronics
Authorized Distributor
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0805B104K500NT 1812B474K101NXHT-HS 1206B473K500NTM 0805B473K500N 1210B224K500NTM
1206B471K101NT 1812B474K101NT 1812B105K500NXT 1210B224K101NT 0805B103K101N 1206B224K500NT
0805B103K500NT 1206B152K101NT 1206B104K101NT 0805B104K250NT 0402B221K101NT
1210B106M250NX085T 0805B473K500NT 0402W475K6R3NT 0805B103K501NT 1812B105K500NX100T
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