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TSC5032 View Datasheet(PDF) - Traco Power

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
TSC5032 DC/DC Converter (50 – 2500 Watt) Traco
Traco Power Traco
TSC5032 Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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DC/DC Converter
TSC Series 50 2500 Watt
General Specifications
Isolation resistance
Input/Output (500VDC)
Reliability (MIL-HDBK-217 E)
Safety standards
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Emission
Conducted RI suppression on input
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Immunity
Electrical fast transients / burst immunity
Surge immunity
> 10 M Ohm
> 100000 h @ 40°C
IEC/EN 60950
EN 55022, class A (class B on request)
IEC/EN 6100044, 2kV
IEC/EN 6100045, 2kV
H15 male connector (DIN 41612)
(screw terminal for output current >50A)
Alarm Options
Power fail
Option p
Signal if input voltage drops below the specified limit.
Signal output is NPN open collector, activated in ok-status
DC- ok
Option d
Signal if output voltage drops below the specified limit
Signal output is NPN open collector, activated in ok-status
Relay output
Control Options
Option r
Relay instead of logical output for alarm signals.
(in combination with option pand d)
External On/OFF
Option h
Connection to negative input line inactivates the unit
System reset
Option y
Reset input specified for VME systems
External programming
I/O Options
Option e
External programming of the output voltage by a potentiometer
or an external voltage of 0VDC to 10VDC. Details need to be
Current sharing
Option cs
Provides balanced load for units in parallel operation.
Controlled over interconnecting wire.
Decoupling diode
Option dd
For redundant operation. Internal fault of one unit does not affect
other units in a parallel circuit .
Inrush current limiting
Mechanical Options
Option i
A thermistor in series to the input lines reduces its resistance
when it gets warm.
Wall mounting
Option w
Module is screwed on a mounting plate for install in a cabinet
This option includes screw terminal block for connection
Mechanical strength
Option ms
Rugged construction for harsh environment.
Extended temperature range Option c
The unit is designed and tested for operation at an ambient
temperature range of 40...+75°C
Further options and combinations on request!
All specifications valid at nominal input voltage, full load and +25°C after warm-up time unless otherwise stated.
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