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M62334FP Datasheet PDF : 10 Pages
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M62334P/FP, M62339P/FP
Precaution For use
Supply voltage terminal (VCC) is also used for D/A converter upper reference voltage setting. If ripple or spike is
input this terminal, accuracy of D/A conversion is down. So, when use this device, please connect capacitor among
VCC to GND for stable D/A conversion.
This IC’s output amplifier has an advantage to capacitive load. So it’s no problem at device action when connect
capacitor (0.1 µF Max) among output to GND for every noise eliminate.
Purchase of Renesas’s I2C components conveys a license under the Philips I2C Patent Rights to use these
components an I2C system, provided that the system conforms to I2C Standard Specification as defined by Philips.
Application Example
Analog output
1 AO1 VCC 8
2 AO2
3 AO3 SCL 7
4 AO4 GND 5
10 µF
REJ03D0866-0400 Rev.4.00 Mar 25, 2008
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