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Part NameLM258A Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
DescriptionDual Operational Amplifiers
LM258A Datasheet PDF : 43 Pages
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8.3 Feature Description
8.3.1 Unity-Gain Bandwidth
The unity-gain bandwidth is the frequency up to which an amplifier with a unity gain may be operated without
greatly distorting the signal. These devices have a 0.7-MHz unity-gain bandwidth.
8.3.2 Slew Rate
The slew rate is the rate at which an operational amplifier can change its output when there is a change on the
input. These devices have a 0.3-V/μs slew rate.
8.3.3 Input Common Mode Range
The valid common mode range is from device ground to VCC - 1.5 V (VCC - 2 V across temperature). Inputs may
exceed VCC up to the maximum VCC without device damage. At least one input must be in the valid input
common mode range for output to be correct phase. If both inputs exceed valid range then output phase is
undefined. If either input is less than -0.3 V then input current should be limited to 1mA and output phase is
8.4 Device Functional Modes
These devices are powered on when the supply is connected. This device can be operated as a single supply
operational amplifier or dual supply amplifier depending on the application.
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