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SCA-2 View Datasheet(PDF) - Stanford Microdevices

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SCA-2 DC-4 GHz, Cascadable GaAs HBT MMIC Amplifier Stanford-Microdevices
Stanford Microdevices 
SCA-2 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Caution: ESD Sensitive
Appropriate precautions in handling, packaging and
testing devices must be observed.
Part Symbolization
The part will be symbolized with a “C2” designator on
the top surface of the package.
Mounting Instructions
The data shown was taken on a 31 mil thick FR-4 board with
1 ounce of copper on both sides.
The board was mounted to a baseplate with 3 screws as
shown. The screws bring the top side copper temperature to
the same value as the baseplate.
1. Use 1 or 2 ounce copper, if possible.
2. Solder the copper pad on the backside of the device
package to the ground plane.
3. Use a large ground pad area with many plated through-
holes as shown.
4. If possible, use at least one screw no more than 0.2 inch
from the device package to provide a low thermal resistance
path to the baseplate of the package.
5. Thermal resistance from ground lead to screws is
2 deg. C/W.
SCA-2 DC-4GHz Cascadable MMIC Amplifier
Part Number Ordering Information
Part Number
Reel Size
Outline Drawing
PCB Pad Layout
522 Almanor Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Phone: (800) SMI-MMIC
EDS-101390 Rev A
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