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UCC2880DW-5 View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
UCC2880DW-5 Pentium® Pro Controller TI
Texas Instruments TI
UCC2880DW-5 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Pentium® Pro Controller
Combined DAC/Voltage
Monitor and PWM Functions
4-Bit Digital-to-Analog
Converter (DAC)
1.0% DAC/Reference
Low Offset X20 Current Sense
100kHz, 200kHz, 400kHz
Oscillator Frequency Options
Foldback Current Limiting
Overvoltage and Undervoltage
Fault Windows
Undervoltage Lockout
2Totem Pole Output
Chip Disable Function
The UCC3880-4/-5/-6 combines high precision reference and voltage monitor-
ing circuitry with average current mode PWM controller circuitry to power Intel
Pentium Pro and other high-end microprocessors with a minimum of external
components. The UCC3880-x converts 5VDC to an adjustable output, ranging
from 2.0VDC to 3.5VDC in 100mV steps with 1% DC system accuracy.
The chip includes a precision 5V reference which is capable of sourcing cur-
rent to an external load. The output voltage of the DAC is derived from this
reference, and is programmed directly by Intel’s VID pins (Table 1).
The accuracy of the DAC/reference combination is 1.0%. The overvoltage and
undervoltage comparators monitor the system output voltage and indicate
when it rises above or falls below its programmed value by more than 7.5%. A
second overvoltage protection comparator pulls the current amplifier output
voltage low to force zero duty cycle when the system output voltage exceeds
its designed value by more than 15%. This comparator also terminates the cy-
cle. Undervoltage lockout circuitry assures the correct logic states at the out-
puts during powerup and powerdown. Grounding the ENABLE pin forces the
GATE output low.
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