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Part NameU.FL-2LP-04-A-L Hirose
DescriptionUltra Small Surface Mount Coaxial Connectors - 1.9mm or 2.4mm Mated Height

U.FL-2LP-04-A-L Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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The product information in this catalog is for reference only. Please request the Engineering Drawing for the most current and accurate design information.
All non-RoHUS p.FroLduSctserhiaevse qbeUenldtrisacoSntminuaedll, oSr uwirllfbaecdeiscMonotiununedt sCooona. PxleiaasleCchoecnkntheecptroordsuct-s1st.a9tmus mon toherH2ir.o4sme wmebsMiteaRtoeHdS, or contact your Hirose sales representative.
sProduct Specifications
Nominal characteristic impedance 50 ohms
Frequency range
DC to 6GHz
Operating temperature range -40˚C to +90˚C Storage temperature range -30˚C to +70˚C
Operating humidity
90%RH max. Storage humidity
90%RH max.
1. Contact resistance
Center : 20 m ohms max.
Outer : 10 m ohms max.
10 mA max.
2. Insulation resistance
500 M ohms min.
100 V DC
3. Withstanding voltage
No flashover or insulation breakdown.
200 V AC / 1 minute
4. V.S.W.R.*
Part No.
Up to 3GHz
3 to 6GHz
U.FL-LP-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.35 Max
U.FL-LP(V)-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.3 Max
U.FL-LP-066 dia.1.13mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.4 Max
U.FL-LP-066 dia.1.32mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.5 Max
U.FL-LP-062 dia.1mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.3 Max
U.FL-LP-088 dia.1.37mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.4 Max
5. Durability
Contact resistance
(mating / un-mating,
Center : 25 m ohms max.
30 cycles
with corresponding plug)
Outer : 15 m ohms max.
6. Vibration
Frequency: 10 to 100 Hz, single amplitude of 1.5mm, acceleration
No electrical discontinuity of 1µs min.
of 59m/s2, for 5 cycles in the direction of each of the 3 axis.
7. Shock
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
Acceleration of 735 m/s2, 11ms duration, sine half-wave
waveform, 3 cycles in each of 3 axes.
8. Humidity
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
(Steady state)
Insulation resistance 10 M ohms min.(humidity high) 96 hours at temperature of 40ç and humidity of 95%.
Insulation resistance 500 M ohms min.(dry)
9. Temperature cycle
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
Temperature: -40˚C/+5 to +35˚C/+90˚C/+5 to +35˚C
Contact resistance: 25 m ohms max. (Center)
30min./ 3min. /30min./ 3min.
15 m ohms max. (Outer)
5 cycles
10. Salt spray
No excessive corrosion
5% salt water solution, 48 hours
*V.S.W.R. Measurement System
The above V.S.W.R. standard values were measured using the measurement connection shown below.
Note 1: Cable type connectors were measured with SMA conversion adapters
attached to both ends of the harness product of a suitable 100cm cable.
Note 2: Board type connectors were mounted to a 50glass epoxy board and
measurements were conducted with SMA conversion adapters attached.
sMaterial / Finishes
Male center contact
Female center contact
Phosphor bronze
Phosphor bronze
Silver plated
Gold plated
Gold plated
Color: Black
Color: Beige
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Up to 6GHz Transmission Speed

■ Features
1. Nominal mated height of 1.9 or 2.4mm (Max. 2.0 or 2.5mm)
2. Small mounting area
   The receptacle occupies an area of 7.7mm2.
3. Light weight
   Receptacle: 15.7mg
4. Accepts high frequency transmission.
   To meet the frequency requirements of a wide variety of miniature devices, the connectors offer high frequency performance from DC to 6GHz, with a V.S.W.R. of 1.3 to 1.5 max.
5. Automatic board placement
   Packaged on tape-and-reel the receptacles can be placed with vacuum nozzles of the automatic placement equipment.
6. Plugs are terminated with ultra-fine coaxial (fluorinated resin insulated) cable
   Standard ultra-fine coaxial cable of 0.81mm diameter (single braid shielding) is used for the plug termination, assuring secure and stable connections.
7. Simple connector mating / unmating
   Use of available extraction tool assures correct disconnection of the plug and receptacle.
8. Verification of the fully mated condition
   Tactile click sensation confirms fully mated condition, assuring complete electrical and mechanical connection.

■ Applications
  Cellular phones, PHS, mobile phones, wireless communication devices, electronic measuring instruments, GPS, wireless LAN, Bluetooth and any application requiring high frequency transmission using small coaxial connectors.

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