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NM93C46MT8 View Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor

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NM93C46MT8 Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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7) Erase All (ERAL)
The Erase all instruction will program all locations to a logical 1
state. Input information (Start bit, Opcode and Address) for this
WDS instruction should be issued as listed under Table1. After
inputting the last bit of data (A0 bit), CS signal must be brought low
before the next rising edge of the SK clock. This falling edge of the
CS initiates the self-timed programming cycle. It takes tWP time
(Refer appropriate DC and AC Electrical Characteristics table) for
the internal programming cycle to finish. During this time, the
device remains busy and is not ready for another instruction.
Status of the internal programming can be polled as described
under WRITE instruction description. While the device is busy, it
is recommended that no new instruction be issued. Refer Erase
All cycle diagram.
Note: The Fairchild CMOS EEPROMs do not require an ERASEor ERASE ALL
instruction prior to the WRITEor WRITE ALLinstruction, respectively. The
ERASEand ERASE ALLinstructions are included to maintain compatibility with
earlier technology EEPROMs.Clearing of Ready/Busy status
When programming is in progress, the Data-Out pin will display
the programming status as either BUSY (low) or READY (high)
when CS is brought high (DO output will be tri-stated when CS is
low). To restate, during programming, the CS pin may be brought
high and low any number of times to view the programming status
without affecting the programming operation. Once programming
is completed (Output in READY state), the output is cleared
(returned to normal tri-state condition) by clocking in a Start Bit.
After the Start Bit is clocked in, the output will return to a tri-stated
condition. When clocked in, this Start Bit can be the first bit in a
command string, or CS can be brought low again to reset all
internal circuits. Refer Clearing Ready Status diagram.
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