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YW80C186XL25 (TN80C186XL / TN80C188XL) 16-Bit High Integration Embedded Processors INNOVASIC
YW80C186XL25 Datasheet PDF : 75 Pages
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16-Bit Microcontrollers
Data Sheet
July 6, 2011
1. Introduction
The Innovasic Semiconductor IA186XL and IA188XL microcontrollers are form, fit, and
function replacements for the original Intel 80C186XL and 80C188XL 16-bit high-integration
embedded processors.
These devices are produced using Innovasic’s Managed IC Lifetime Extension System
(MILES™). This cloning technology, which produces replacement ICs beyond simple
emulations, ensures compatibility with the original device, including any “undocumented
features.” Additionally, the MILES™ process captures the clone design in such a way that
production of the clone can continue even as silicon technology advances.
The IA186XL and IA188XL microcontrollers replace the obsolete Intel 80C186XL and
80C188XL devices, allowing users to retain existing board designs, software
compilers/assemblers, and emulation tools, thereby avoiding expensive redesign efforts.
1.1 General Description
The Innovasic Semiconductor IA186XL and IA188XL microcontrollers have a set of base
peripherals beneficial to many embedded applications and include a standard numeric interface,
an interrupt control unit, a chip-select unit/Ready Generation Logic, a DRAM refresh control
unit, a Power-Save Control unit, DMA and three 16-bit timer/counters.
The IA186XL and IA188XL microcontrollers operate at 5.0 volts ± 10%.
The following functional description describes the base architecture of the 80C186XL. The
80C186XL is a very high integration 16-bit microprocessor. It combines some of the most
common microprocessor system components onto one chip. The 80C186XL is object-code
compatible with the 8086/8088 microprocessors and adds ten new instruction types to the
8086/8088 instruction set.
The 80C186XL has two major modes of operation, Compatible and Enhanced. In Compatible
Mode, the 80C186XL is completely compatible with the 80186, with the exception of 8087
support. The Enhanced mode adds three new features to the system design. These are Power-
Save control, Dynamic RAM refresh, and an asynchronous Numerics Coprocessor interface
(80C186XL only).
1.2 Features
The primary features of the IA186XL and IA188XL microcontrollers are as follows:
Form, fit, and function compatible version of the low power Intel 80C186XL/80C188XL
Operation modes:
Enhanced mode
o DRAM refresh control unit
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