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E-TDA7348D013TR Digitally controlled audio processor ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
E-TDA7348D013TR Datasheet PDF : 20 Pages
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I2C BUS interface
I2C BUS interface
Data transmission from microprocessor to the TDA7348 and vice-versa takes place through
the 2 wires of the I2C BUS interface, consisting of the two lines SDA and SCL (pull-up
resistors to the positive supply voltage must be externally connected).
Data validity
As shown in Figure 3., the data on the SDA line must be stable during the high period of the
clock. The HIGH and LOW state of the data line can only change when the clock signal on
the SCL line is LOW.
Start and stop conditions
As shown in Figure 4. a start condition is a HIGH to LOW transition of the SDA line while
SCL is HIGH. The stop condition is a LOW to HIGH transition of the SDA line while SCL is
A STOP conditions must be sent before each START condition.
Byte format
Every byte transferred to the SDA line must contain 8 bits. Each byte must be followed by an
acknowledge bit. The MSB is transferred first.
The master (microprocessor) puts a resistive HIGH level on the SDA line during the
acknowledge clock pulse (see Figure 5.). The peripheral (audioprocessor) that
acknowledges has to pull-down (LOW) the SDA line during the acknowledge clock pulse, so
that the SDA line is stable LOW during this clock pulse.
The audioprocessor which has been addressed has to generate an acknowledge after the
reception of each byte, otherwise the SDA line remains at the HIGH level during the ninth
clock pulse time. In this case the master transmitter can generate the STOP information in
order to abort the transfer.
Transmission without acknowledgement
The microprocessor can use a simpler transmission, if it avoids detection of the
acknowledgement from the audio processor. It simply waits one clock pulse without
checking the slave acknowledgment, and sends the new data.
This approach of course is less protected from errors, increases the possibility of
interference, and decreases the immunity to noise.
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