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T-8207-BAL-DT Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - Agere -> LSI Corporation

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T-8207-BAL-DT CelXpres™ ATM Interconnect Agere
Agere -> LSI Corporation Agere
T-8207-BAL-DT Datasheet PDF : 158 Pages
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Advance Data Sheet
September 2001
CelXpres T8207
ATM Interconnect
1 Product Overview (continued)
1.4 Conventions
s All numbers in this document are decimals unless otherwise specified.
s Hexadecimal numbers can be identified by the ‘h’ suffix, e.g., A5h.
s Binary numbers are either in double quotes for multiple bits or in single quotes for individual bits, e.g., “1001” and
s A byte is 8 bits, a word is 16 bits, and a double word (dword) is 32 bits.
s A binary value of ‘1’ is high, and a binary value of ‘0’ is low.
s To clear is to change one or multiple bit values to ‘0.’
s To set is to change one or multiple bit values to ‘1.’
s All memory addresses are specified in hexadecimal.
s Addresses are converted from bytes to words or double words using the little-endian format, unless otherwise
s A signal name with a trailing asterisk is active-low, e.g., sd_we*.
s Bits y to x will be designated bits (y:x).
Agere Systems Inc.
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