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STK673-010-E Thick-Film Hybrid IC Bipolar Fixed-Current Chopper (external excitation PWM) Built-in Microstepping Control 3-Phase Stepping Motor Driver(sine wave drive) Output Current 2.4A SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic SANYO
STK673-010-E Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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[Hold, CW/CCW]
Hold temporary holds the motor while a phase current of the motor is conducted, even when there are clock inputs of
Low input.
High input releases the hold, and the motor current changes again synchronizing with the rising of Clock signals. Refer
to Timing Chart for exemplary operations.
CW/CCW switches the rotational direction of the motor. Switching to High gives a rotational operation of CW, and
Low gives a rotation operation of CCW. The timing of switching the rotation is synchronizes the rising of the clock
signals. Refer to Timing Chart for exemplary operations.
High input renders a normal operation and Low input forcibly renders a gate signal of MOSFETs Low, thereby cutting
a motor current. Once again High input renders a current to conduct in the motor. The timing of the current does not
synchronize with the clock.
Since Low input of Enable forcibly cuts the motor current, it can be used to cut a V-phase or W-phase while Clock is
maintained in a Low level state after the RESET operation.
Rising of 5V power supply
RESET signal input
Clock signal
> 10μs
> 1.7ms
Enable signal
> 10μs
Figure 2. Input timings of RESET signal, Enable signal and Clock signal
[Vref (Setting motor current peak value)]
A peak value of a motor current IO is determined by R01, R02, VCC2 (5V) and the following set equation (I).
Set equation of peak value of motor current IO
IO peak = Vref ÷ K
where Vref 0.5 × VCC2 K = 0.63 (V/A)
Vref = VCC2 × Rox ÷ (R01 + Rox)
Rox = (R02 × 4.0kΩ) ÷ (R02 + 4.0kΩ)
R02 is preferably set to be 100Ω in order to minimize the effect of the internal impedance (4.0kΩ ± 30%) of
K in the above-mentioned set equation varies with in ±5 to ±10% depending on the inductance L and resistance value
R of the used motor. Check the peak value setting of IO upon actual setting.
* Refer to Figure 4 for an example of Vref-IO characteristics
(2) Allowable operating ranges of motor current
Set the peak value of the motor current IO so as to lie within a region below the curve shown in Figure 5 on page 13.
When the operation substrate temperature Tc is set to 105°C, IO max should be 2.4A or lower and a Hold operation
should be conducted where IO max is 2.0A or lower.
For operation where Tc = 50°C, IO max should be 4.0A or lower and a Hold operation should be conducted where
IO max is 3.3A or lower.
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