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ST72324 Datasheet PDF : 163 Pages
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column (wpu) is merged with the interrupt column (int), then the I/O configuration is pull-up interrupt input,
else the configuration is floating interrupt input.
2. In the open drain output column, “T” defines a true open drain I/O (P-Buffer and protection diode to VDD
are not implemented). See See “I/O PORTS” on page 45. and Section 12.9 I/O PORT PIN CHARACTER-
ISTICS for more details.
3. OSC1 and OSC2 pins connect a crystal/ceramic resonator, or an external source to the on-chip oscil-
lator; see Section 1 INTRODUCTION and Section 12.6 CLOCK AND TIMING CHARACTERISTICS for
more details.
4. On the chip, each I/O port has 8 pads. Pads that are not bonded to external pins are in input pull-up con-
figuration after reset. The configuration of these pads must be kept at reset state to avoid added current
5. For details refer to Section 12.9.1 on page 133
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