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SN7414DRG4 View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments

Part NameSN7414DRG4 TI
Texas Instruments TI
DescriptionHex Schmitt-Trigger Inverters
SN7414DRG4 Datasheet PDF : 35 Pages
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10 Power Supply Recommendations
The power supply can be any voltage between the minimum and maximum supply voltage rating located in the
Recommended Operating Conditions. The VCC terminal must have a good bypass capacitor to prevent power
disturbance. TI recommends using a 0.1-µF capacitor on the VCC terminal, and must be placed as close as
possible to the pin for best results.
11 Layout
11.1 Layout Guidelines
When using multiple bit logic devices, inputs must never float. In many cases, functions or parts of functions of
digital logic devices are unused, for example, when only two inputs of a triple-input AND gate are used or only
three of the four buffer gates are used. Such inputs must not be left unconnected because the undefined
voltages at the outside connections result in undefined operational states. All unused inputs of digital logic
devices must be connected to a high or low bias to prevent them from floating. The logic level that must be
applied to any particular unused input depends on the function of the device. Generally they are tied to GND or
VCC, whichever makes more sense or is more convenient. Floating outputs are generally acceptable, unless the
part is a transceiver.
11.2 Layout Example
Unused Input
Unused Input
Figure 35. Layout Diagram
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