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EMI Filters
As electronics become pervasive in virtually all aspects of our lives, the generation of electromagnetic
noise between equipment can be problematic. In order to maintain complete system functionality, it is
increasingly important to limit these types of interference. KEMET’s complete line of EMI filtering products
address EMI issues across a multitude of applications.
Many geographical regions regulate equipment testing for EMI noise immunity and generation. These
tests are often mandatory before the final product can be released into the marketplace. The permitted
noise levels are, in such cases, clearly defined in international standards. If the product cannot meet the
requirements, it is in often necessary to add an EMI filter to the design.
EMI filters consist of combinations of capacitive and inductive elements that will reduce the disturbance
levels in the frequency band specified by the design. As The Capacitance Company, KEMET has an
exceptional advantage of selecting capacitors of superior quality and functionality to best serve its EMI
filter products.
KEMET offers a broad portfolio of EMI filters to accommodate a variety of applications:
Power and Small Signal Feed-Through Filters
• A wide range of current ratings from 0.1A to 800A in various configurations
of capacitors and inductors
• Excellent stability properties and attenuation up to the GHz region
• Applications include screen rooms, power supplies, telecom systems,
medical and military equipment
General Purpose Filters
• A variety of PCB mount and spade lug terminated filters for standard line
voltage up to 16A
• Various configurations for moderate to high performance attenuation
• Applications include consumer goods, domestic appliances and business
equipment, low power switch mode power supplies and digital equipment
Chassis Mount Filters
• Single and three phase filters with and without neutral connection, with
various types of screw or flexible lead terminals and different geometries
• Current ratings from 1A to 1600A
• Voltage ratings from 250VAC to 600VAC and 1000VDC
• Single or multistage for alternative attenuation levels
• Applications include industrial frequency inverters, motor drives, switch
mode power supplies and medical systems
Special Purpose Filters
• Power line filters for screen rooms
• DC filters for solar panel arrays
• Three phase filters for inverters for solar panel systems
For applications requiring customized solutions, KEMET’s filter research and development team offers
complete collaborative design services to meet your specific geometric and electrical specifications.
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