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产品描述 (功能)
Semtech Corporation Semtech
SFC05-4.WCT Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Applications Information (Continued)
Printed Circuit Board Finish
A uniform board finish is critical for good assembly
yield. Two finishes that provide uniform surface coat-
ings are immersion nickel gold and organic surface
protectant (OSP). A non-uniform finish such as hot air
solder leveling (HASL) can lead to mounting problems
and should be avoided.
Stencil Design
Stencil Design
A properly designed stencil is key to achieving ad-
equate solder volume without compromising assembly
yields. A 0.100mm thick, laser cut, electro-polished
stencil with 0.275mm square apertures and rounded
corners is recommended.
Reflow Profile
The flip chip TVS can be assembled using the reflow
requirements for IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020 for
assembly of small body components. During reflow,
the component will self-align itself on the pad.
Circuit Board Layout Recommendations for Suppres-
sion of ESD
Good circuit board layout is critical for the suppression
of ESD induced transients. The following guidelines are
z Place the TVS near the input terminals or connec-
tors to restrict transient coupling.
z Minimize the path length between the TVS and the
protected line.
z Minimize all conductive loops including power and
ground loops.
z The ESD transient return path to ground should be
kept as short as possible.
z Never run critical signals near board edges.
z Use ground planes whenever possible.
Assembly Guideline for Pb-Free Soldering
The following are recommendations for the assembly
of this device:
Assembly Parameter
Solder Ball Composition
Solder Stencil Design
Same as the SnPb design
Solder Stencil Thickness
0.100 mm (0.004")
Solder Paste Composition
Sn Ag (3-4) Cu (0.5-0.9)
Solder Paste Type
Type 4 size sphere or smaller
Solder Reflow Profile
per JEDEC J-STD-020
PCB Solder Pad Design
PCB Pad Finish
Same as the SnPb Design
OSP or AuNi
2004 Semtech Corp.
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