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SD05CTG Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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Applications Information
Device Connection Options
The SDxxC TVS diodes are designed to protect one
data, I/O, or power supply line. The device is designed
to replace multi-layer varistors (MLVs) in portable
applications. It is easily implemented on existing 0805
MLV pads and is only slightly larger than 0603 MLV
pads. The device is bidirectional and may be used on
lines where the signal polarity is above and below
ground. The device is symmetrical, so there is no
cathode band.
Circuit Board Layout Recommendations for Suppres-
sion of ESD.
Good circuit board layout is critical for the suppression
of fast rise-time transients such as ESD. The following
guidelines are recommended (Refer to application note
SI99-01 for more detailed information):
l Place the TVS near the input terminals or
connectors to restrict transient coupling.
l Minimize the path length between the TVS and
the protected line.
l The ESD transient return path to ground should
be kept as short as possible.
l Place a TVS & decoupling capacitor between
power and ground of components that may be
vulnerable to electrostatic discharges to the
ground plane.
l Minimize all conductive loops including power
and ground loops.
l Use multilayer boards when possible.
l Minimize interconnecting line lengths
l Never run critical signals near board edges.
l Fill unused portions of the PCB with ground
Device Schematic & Pin Configuration
Size Comparison to 0805 MLV
Note: Nominal dimensions in inches
0805 MLV
Component Placement Comparison
0805 MLV on
0805 Solder Pad
SOD-323 on 0805
SOD-323 on Recommended
(SOD-323) Solder Pad
ã 2000 Semtech Corp.
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