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SCA1000-D01 Datasheet PDF : 18 Pages
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The Moisture Sensitivity Level of the part is 3 according to the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020B.
The part should be delivered in a dry pack. The manufacturing floor time (out of bag) in the
customer’s end is 168 hours.
Maximum soldering temperature is 250°C/40sec.
Figure 10. Recommended PCB lay-out
It is important that the part is parallel to the PCB plane and that there is no angular
alignment error from intended measuring direction during assembly process.
1°mounting alignment error will increase the cross-axis sensitivity by 1.7%
1°mounting alignment error will change the output by 17mg
To achieve the highest accuracy and to minimize resonance, it is recommended to glue
the accelerometer to the PCB before soldering
Wave soldering is not recommended.
A supply voltage by-pass capacitor (>100nF) must be used and located as close as
possible to the Vdd and GND pins.
Note: When the accelerometer is oriented in such a way that the arrow points toward the
earth, the output will decrease. Please also note that you can rotate the part around the
measuring axis for optimum mounting location.
Murata Electronics Oy
Doc. Nr. 8225700
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