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Seiko Instruments Inc SII
S-1000N27-M5T1G Datasheet PDF : 38 Pages
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S-1000 Series
„ Precautions
If the input impedance is high, oscillation may occur due to the through-type current etc. In COMS output products,
impedance should not be connected to the input pin. In Nch open drain output products, input impedance is
recommended to be 800 or less. However be sure to perform sufficient evaluation under the actual usage conditions for
selection, including evaluation of temperature characteristics.
In CMOS output products oscillation may occur when a pull-down resistor is used, and falling speed of the power supply
voltage (VDD) is slow near the detection voltage.
When designing for mass production using an application circuit described herein, the product deviation and temperature
characteristics should be taken into consideration. SII shall not bear any responsibility for the products on the circuits
described herein.
Do not apply an electrostatic discharge to this IC that exceeds the performance ratings of the built-in electrostatic
protection circuit.
SII claims no responsibility for any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with any infringement of the products
including this IC upon patents owned by a third party.
Seiko Instruments Inc.
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