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F-51202NC-FW-AA View Datasheet(PDF) - Optrex Corporation

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
F-51202NC-FW-AA 640 x 480dots; dot size:0.059 x 0.217mm; 0.3-7.0V 20.0mA LCD module Optrex
Optrex Corporation Optrex
F-51202NC-FW-AA Datasheet PDF : 19 Pages
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7.Code System of Production Lot
The production lot of module is specified as follows.
Factory Number (Numeral)
Factory Code (Alphabet)
Production Week (15)
Production Month (19, X, Y, Z)
Production Year (Lower 2 digits)
8.Type Number
The type number of module is specified on the back of module as follows.
9.Applying Precautions
Please contact us when questions and/or new problems not specified in this specifications arise.
F-51202NC-FW-AA (AA) No.99-0430
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