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MBM29LV652UE-12 查看數據表(PDF) - Fujitsu

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
MBM29LV652UE-12 FLASH MEMORY CMOS 64M (4M × 16) BIT Fujitsu
Fujitsu Fujitsu
MBM29LV652UE-12 Datasheet PDF : 58 Pages
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For chip erase and sector erase, the Data Polling is valid after the rising edge of the sixth write pulse in the six
write pulse sequence. Data Polling must be performed at sector address within any of the sectors being erased
and not a protected sector. Otherwise, the status may not be valid.
Once the Embedded Algorithm operation is close to being completed, the MBM29LV652UE data pins (DQ7) may
change asynchronously while the output enable (OE) is asserted low. This means that the devices are driving
status information on DQ7 at one instant of time and then that byte’s valid data at the next instant of time.
Depending on when the system samples the DQ7 output, it may read the status or valid data. Even if the device
has completed the Embedded Algorithm operation and DQ7 has a valid data, the data outputs on DQ0 to DQ6
may be still invalid. The valid data on DQ0 to DQ7 will be read on the successive read attempts.
The Data Polling feature is only active during the Embedded Programming Algorithm, Embedded Erase Algorithm
or sector erase time-out. (See Table 8.)
See Figure 9 for the Data Polling timing specifications and diagram.
Toggle Bit I
The MBM29LV652UE also feature the “Toggle Bit I” as a method to indicate to the host system that the Embedded
Algorithms are in progress or completed.
During an Embedded Program or Erase Algorithm cycle, successive attempts to read (OE toggling) data from
the devices will result in DQ6 toggling between one and zero. Once the Embedded Program or Erase Algorithm
cycle is completed, DQ6 will stop toggling and valid data will be read on the next successive attempts. During
programming, the Toggle Bit I is valid after the rising edge of the fourth write pulse in the four write pulse sequence.
For chip erase and sector erase, the Toggle Bit I is valid after the rising edge of the sixth write pulse in the six
write pulse sequence. The Toggle Bit I is active during the sector time out.
In programming, if the sector being written to is protected, the toggle bit will toggle for about 1 µs and then stop
toggling without the data having changed. In erase, the devices will erase all the selected sectors except for the
ones that are protected. If all selected sectors are protected, the chip will toggle the toggle bit for about 400 µs
and then drop back into read mode, having changed none of the data.
Either CE or OE toggling will cause the DQ6 to toggle. In addition, an Erase Suspend/Resume command will
cause the DQ6 to toggle.
See Figure 10 for the Toggle Bit I timing specifications and diagram.
Exceeded Timing Limits
DQ5 will indicate if the program or erase time has exceeded the specified limits (internal pulse count). Under
these conditions DQ5 will produce a “1”. This is a failure condition which indicates that the program or erase
cycle was not successfully completed. Data Polling is the only operating function of the devices under this
condition. The CE circuit will partially power down the device under these conditions (to approximately 2 mA).
The OE and WE pins will control the output disable functions as described in Table 2.
The DQ5 failure condition may also appear if a user tries to program a non blank location without erasing. In this
case the devices lock out and never complete the Embedded Algorithm operation. Hence, the system never
reads a valid data on DQ7 bit and DQ6 never stops toggling. Once the devices have exceeded timing limits, the
DQ5 bit will indicate a “1”. Please note that this is not a device failure condition since the devices were incorrectly
used. If this occurs, reset the device with command sequence.
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