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M36W0R6040B0 Datasheet PDF : 18 Pages
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M36W0R6040T0, M36W0R6040B0
PSRAM Output Enable (GP). The Output En-
able, GP, provides a high speed tri-state control,
allowing fast read/write cycles to be achieved with
the common I/O data bus.
PSRAM Write Enable (WP). The Write Enable,
WP, controls the Bus Write operation of the mem-
PSRAM Upper Byte Enable (UBP). The Upper
Byte Enable, UBP, gates the data on the Upper
Byte Data Inputs/Outputs (DQ8-DQ15) to or from
the upper part of the selected address during a
Write or Read operation.
PSRAM Lower Byte Enable (LBP). The Lower
Byte Enable, LBP, gates the data on the Lower
Byte Data Inputs/Outputs (DQ0-DQ7) to or from
the lower part of the selected address during a
Write or Read operation.
VDDF Supply Voltage. VDDF provides the power
supply to the internal core of the Flash memory
component. It is the main power supplies for all
Flash memory operations (Read, Program and
VDDP Supply Voltage. The VDDP Supply Volt-
age supplies the power for all operations (Read or
Write) and for driving the refresh logic, even when
the device is not being accessed.
VDDQ Supply Voltage. VDDQ provides the power
supply for the Flash Memory and PSRAM I/O pins.
This allows all Outputs to be powered indepen-
dently of the Flash Memory and PSRAM core pow-
er supplies: VDDF and VDDP, respectively.
VPPF Program Supply Voltage. VPPF is both a
Flash Memory control input and a Flash Memory
power supply pin. The two functions are selected
by the voltage range applied to the pin.
If VPPF is kept in a low voltage range (0V to VDDQ)
VPPF is seen as a control input. In this case a volt-
age lower than VPPLKF gives an absolute protec-
tion against Program or Erase, while VPPF > VPP1F
enables these functions (see Tables 6 and 7, DC
Characteristics for the relevant values). VPPF is
only sampled at the beginning of a Program or
Erase; a change in its value after the operation has
started does not have any effect and Program or
Erase operations continue.
If VPPF is in the range of VPPHF it acts as a power
supply pin. In this condition VPPF must be stable
until the Program/Erase algorithm is completed.
VSS Ground. VSS is the common ground refer-
ence for all voltage measurements in the Flash
(core and I/O Buffers) and PSRAM chips.
Note: Each Flash memory device in a system
should have its supply voltage (VDDF) and the
program supply voltage VPPF decoupled with a
0.1µF ceramic capacitor close to the pin (high
frequency, inherently low inductance capaci-
tors should be as close as possible to the
package). See Figure 6., AC Measurement
Load Circuit. The PCB track widths should be
sufficient to carry the required VPPF program
and erase currents.
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