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M24C32FCS5TA View Datasheet(PDF) - STMicroelectronics

Part NameM24C32FCS5TA ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
Description128 Kbit, 64 Kbit and 32 Kbit serial I²C bus EEPROM
M24C32FCS5TA Datasheet PDF : 39 Pages
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Revision history
M24128, M24C64, M24C32
Table 28. Document revision history (continued)
Added Section 2.6.2: Power-up conditions, updated Section 2.6.3:
Device reset, and Section 2.6.4: Power-down conditions in Section 2.6:
Supply voltage (VCC).
Updated Figure 5: Maximum RP value versus bus parasitic capacitance
(C) for an I2C bus.
Replace M24128 and M24C64 by M24128-BFMB6 and M24C64-FMB6,
respectively, in Section 4.9: ECC (error correction code) and write
Added temperature grade 6 in Table 10: Operating conditions (M24xxx-
Updated test conditions for ILO and VLO in Table 13: DC characteristics
12 (M24xxx-W, device grade 6), Table 14: DC characteristics (M24xxx-W,
device grade 3), and Table 15: DC characteristics (M24xxx-R - device
grade 6).
Test condition updated for ILO, and VIH and VIL differentiate for 1.8 V
VCC < 2.5 V and 2.5 V VCC < 5.5 V in Table 16: DC characteristics
Updated Table 17: AC characteristics (M24xxx-W6, M24xxW3,
M24xxR6), and Table 18: AC characteristics (M24xxx-F).
Updated Figure 13: AC waveforms.
Added M24128-BF in Table 27: Available M24128 products (package,
voltage range, temperature grade).
Process B removed fromTable 24: Ordering information scheme.
Small text changes.
13 C Process option and Blank Plating technology option removed from
Table 24: Ordering information scheme.
WLCSP package added (see Figure 3: M24128 WLCSP connections
(top view, marking side, with balls on the underside) and Section 8:
Package mechanical data). Section 4.9: ECC (error correction code)
and write cycling updated.
IOL added to Table 7: Absolute maximum ratings.
Table 26: Available M24C64 products (package, voltage range,
temperature grade) and Table 27: Available M24128 products (package,
voltage range, temperature grade) updated.
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