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M150X3-T05 Datasheet PDF : 26 Pages
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Issued Date:Mar.01’2002
Model No.: M150X3-T05
Note (3) The lamp frequency may generate interference with horizontal synchronous frequency from the
display, and this may cause line flow on the display. In order to avoid interference, the lamp
frequency should be detached from the horizontal synchronous frequency and its harmonics as far
as possible.
Note (4) PL = IL X VL
Note (5) The lifetime of lamp is defined as the time when it continues to operate under the conditions at Ta
= 25 ±2 oC and IL =6.0mARMS until one of the following events occurs:
(a) When the brightness becomes 50% of its original value.
(b) When the effective ignition length becomes 80% of its original value. (Effective ignition length
is defined as an area that the brightness is less than 70% compared to the center point.)
Note (6) The waveform of the voltage output of inverter must be area-symmetric and the design of the
inverter must have specifications for the modularized lamp. The performance of the Backlight,
such as lifetime or brightness, is greatly influenced by the characteristics of the DC-AC inverter for
the lamp. All the parameters of an inverter should be carefully designed to avoid generating too
much current leakage from high voltage output of the inverter. When designing or ordering the
inverter please make sure that a poor lighting caused by the mismatch of the Backlight and the
inverter (miss-lighting, flicker, etc.) never occurs. If the above situation is confirmed, the module
should be operated in the same manners when it is installed in your instrument.
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