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M14C04-WW4 Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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Table 9. Ordering Information Scheme
W D20
M14C16, M14C04
Memory Capacity
16 16 Kbit
04 4 Kbit
Operating Voltage
W 2.5 V to 5.5 V
Delivery Form
Module on Super 35 mm
Unsawn wafer (275 µm ±
25 µm thickness)
Unsawn wafer (180 µm ±
15 µm thickness)
Sawn wafer (275 µm ± 25
µm thickness)
Sawn wafer (180 µm ± 15
µm thickness)
where “x” indicates the sawing orientation, as follows (and as shown in Figure 11)
1 GND at top right
2 GND at bottom right
3 GND at bottom left
4 GND at top left
Devices are shipped from the factory with the
memory content set at all ‘1’s (FFh).
The notation used for the device number is as
shown in Table 9. For a list of available options
(speed, package, etc.) or for further information on
any aspect of this device, please contact the ST
Sales Office nearest to you.
Sawn wafers are scribed and mounted in a frame
on adhesive tape. The orientation is defined by the
position of the GND pad on the die, viewed with
active area of product visible, relative to the notch-
es of the frame (as shown in Figure 11). The orien-
tation of the die with respect to the plastic frame
notches is specified by the Customer.
One further concern, when specifying devices to
be delivered in this form, is that wafers mounted
on adhesive tape must be used within a limited pe-
riod from the mounting date:
– two months, if wafers are stored at 25°C, 55%
relative humidity
– six months, if wafers are stored at 4°C, 55% rel-
ative humidity
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