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ST92124JCV9Q6 Datasheet PDF : 429 Pages
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Here is an example of a patch for the MFT1 using
DMA in ouput compare mode, inserted at the be-
ginning of the MFT0 interrupt routine:
spp #8 ;Set to page 8 (mft1)
tm T_IDMR,#0x08 ;test mft0 OCMP dma
mask bit
jxnz MFT0_it_routine
cpw DMA_CNT1,#0 ;If the DMA count is
not at zero the block did not complete
jxeq MFT0_it_routine
and T_FLAGR,#11011111b ;Clear dma
compare interrupt request
or T_IDMR,#0x08 ;Re-enable the com-
pare 0 dma
MFT0_it_routine: ;MFT0 interrupt rou-
tine code
In addition, the peripheral DMA priorities must be
organized so that the MFT DMA priorities are the
highest. This way the impact is limited: DMA re-
quests with the wrong Mask Bit Reset are serv-
Workaround Limitation
If the counter event period is too short, the failure
recovery in the interrupt routines will not work.
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