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LM10011 6/4-Bit VID Programmable Current DAC for Point of Load Regulators with Adjustable Start-Up Current TI
Texas Instruments TI
LM10011 Datasheet PDF : 24 Pages
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9 Power Supply Recommendations
The LM10011 can be driven from a PWM controller VDD pin or from the VIN supply pin as shown in Figure 12. To
ensure reliable operation, the LM10011 VDD input power supply must be limited to 6 V maximum.
10 Layout
10.1 Layout Guidelines
The following guidelines should be followed when designing the PC board for the LM10011:
• Place the LM10011 close to the regulator feedback pin to minimize the FB trace length.
• Place a small capacitor, CVDD, (1 nF) directly adjacent to the VDD and GND pins of the LM10011 to help
minimize transients which may occur on the input supply line.
• The high-current path from the board input to the load and the return path should be parallel and close to
each other to minimize loop inductance.
• The ground connections for the various components around the LM10011 should be connected directly to
each other, and to the LM10011 GND pins, and then connected to the system ground at one point. Do not
connect the various component grounds to each other through the high-current ground line.
• For additional information about the operation of the regulator, please consult the respective data sheet and
application notes on the respective evaluation boards.
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