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LM1044N View Datasheet(PDF) - National ->Texas Instruments

Part NameLM1044N National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
DescriptionAnalog Video Switch
LM1044N Datasheet PDF : 10 Pages
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Application Notes (Continued)
FIGURE 3 LM1044 Application Circuit Showing System Interfacing and LM1038
TL H 9252 – 5
The LM1044 may be operated with split supplies with due
regard to the maximum supply voltage (16V) and output sig-
nal range An example of operation in this way is illustrated
below With g5V and pin 14 held at 0V the RGB outputs
can swing a2V b1 5V and the CV and Sync output can
swing a1 3V b1 3V Similarly with a10V b5V supplies
pin 14 to 0V RGB output swings of a5 5V b1 5V and CV
Sync swings of a4 5V and b1 5V can be obtained This
supply configuration has the advantage that pin 14 can be
grounded and all signals may be DC coupled avoiding the
need for coupling capacitors Offsets introduced are typical-
ly b30 mV for CV and RGB channels and b140 mV for
Sync channels
The LM1044 can be used in other than the standard CV with
RGB circuit and an example is given below of a dual 6 input
to 1 output multiplexer for video or indeed any kind of sig-
nals up to 2 Vp-p In this particular example the RGB outputs
are cross-coupled into the CV inputs of the other channel to
complete the multiplexing down to 2 outputs The clamp
circuits are disabled to allow direct drive on the inputs Such
circuits are ideal for security cameras and other multiple
video source monitoring systems
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