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ISD2532 Datasheet PDF : 42 Pages
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Winbond’s ISD2500 ChipCorder® Series provide high-quality, single-chip, Record/Playback solutions
for 32- to 64-second messaging applications. The CMOS devices include an on-chip oscillator,
microphone preamplifier, automatic gain control, antialiasing filter, smoothing filter, speaker amplifier,
and high density multi-level storage array. In addition, the ISD2500 is microcontroller compatible,
allowing complex messaging and addressing to be achieved. Recordings are stored into on-chip
nonvolatile memory cells, providing zero-power message storage. This unique, single-chip solution is
made possible through Winbond’s patented multilevel storage technology. Voice and audio signals
are stored directly into memory in their natural form, providing high-quality, solid-state voice
Single 5 volt power supply
Single-chip with duration of 32, 40, 48, or 64 seconds.
Easy-to-use single-chip, voice record/playback solution
High-quality, natural voice/audio reproduction
Manual switch or microcontroller compatible
Playback can be edge- or level-activated
Directly cascadable for longer durations
Automatic power-down (push-button mode)
- Standby current 1 µA (typical)
Zero-power message storage
- Eliminates battery backup circuits
Fully addressable to handle multiple messages
100-year message retention (typical)
100,000 record cycles (typical)
On-chip clock source
Programmer support for play-only applications
Available in die form, PDIP, SOIC and TSOP packaging
Temperature options: die (0°C to +50°C) and package (0°C to +70°C)
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