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E-TDA7385 4 x 42 W quad bridge car radio amplifier ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
E-TDA7385 Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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Application hints
Application hints
Referred to the circuit of Figure 3.
Biasing and SVR
As shown by Figure 14, all the TDA7385’s main sections, such as Inputs, Outputs AND AC-
GND (pin 16) are internally biased at half supply voltage level (Vs/2), which is derived from
the Supply Voltage Rejection (SVR) block. In this way no current flows through the internal
feedback network. The AC-GND is common to all the 4 amplifiers and represents the
connection point of all the inverting inputs.
Both individual inputs and AC-GND are connected to Vs/2 (SVR) by means of 100 k
To ensure proper operation and high supply voltage rejection, it is of fundamental
importance to provide a good impedance matching between Inputs and AC-GROUND
terminations. This implies that C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 capacitors have to carry the same
nominal value and their tolerance should never exceed ± 10 %.
Besides its contribution to the ripple rejection, the SVR capacitor governs the turn ON/OFF
time sequence and, consequently, plays an essential role in the pop optimization during
ON/OFF transients. To conveniently serve both needs, its minimum recommended value
is 10µF.
Figure 14. Input/output biasing
+7 362
Input stage
The TDA7385’s inputs are ground-compatible and can stand very high input signals
(± 8 Vpk) without any performances degradation.
If the standard value for the input capacitors (0.1 µF) is adopted, the low frequency cut-off
will amount to 16 Hz.
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