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Winbond Winbond
ISD5102 Datasheet PDF : 88 Pages
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The ISD5100 ChipCorderSeries provide high quality, fully integrated, single-chip Record/Playback
solutions for 1- to 16-minute messaging applications that are ideal for use in cellular phones,
automotive communications, GPS/navigation systems and other portable products. The ISD5100
Series products are an enhancement of the ISD5000 architecture, providing: 1) the I2C serial port -
address, control and duration selection are accomplished through an I2C interface to minimize pin
count (ONLY two control lines required); 2) the capability of storing digital data, in addition to analog
data. This feature allows customers to store phone numbers, system configuration parameters and
message address locations for message management capability; 3) Various internal circuit blocks can
be individually powered-up or -down for power saving.
The ISD5100 Series include:
ISD5116 from 8 to 16 minutes
ISD5108 from 4 to 8 minutes
ISD5104 from 2 to 4 minutes
ISD5102 from 1 to 2 minutes
Analog functions and audio gating have also been integrated into the ISD5100 Series products to
allow easy interface with integrated digital cellular chip sets on the market. Audio paths have been
designed to enable full duplex conversation record, voice memo, answering machine (including
outgoing message playback) and call screening features. This product enables playback of messages
while the phone is in standby, AND both simplex and duplex playback of messages while on a phone
Additional voice storage features for digital cellular phones include: 1) a personalized outgoing
message can be sent to the person by getting caller-ID information from the host chipset, 2) a private
call announce while on call can be heard from the host by giving caller-ID on call waiting information
from the host chipset.
Logic Interface Options of 2.0V and 3.0V are supported by the ISD5100 Series to accommodate
portable communication products (2.0- and 3.0-volt required).
Like other ChipCorder® products, the ISD5100 Series integrate the sampling clock, anti-aliasing and
smoothing filters, and the multi-level storage array on a single-chip. For enhanced voice features, the
ISD5100 Series eliminate external circuitry by integrating automatic gain control (AGC), a power
amplifier/speaker driver, volume control, summing amplifiers, analog switches, and a car kit interface.
Input level adjustable amplifiers are also included, providing a flexible interface for multiple
Recordings are stored into on-chip nonvolatile memory cells, providing zero-power message storage.
This unique, single-chip solution is made possible through Winbond’s patented multilevel storage
technology. Voice and audio signals are stored directly into solid-state memory in their natural,
uncompressed form, providing superior quality on voice and music reproduction.
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