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TMP-5 Triple Output, High-Effi ciency, Smaller-Package, 25-40 Watt, DC/DC Converters Murata-ps
Murata Power Solutions Murata-ps
TMP-5 Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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TMP Models
Triple Output, High-Efficiency, Smaller-Package, 25-40 Watt, DC/DC Converters
Soldering Guidelines
Murata Power Solutions recommends the specifications below when install-
ing these converters. These specifications vary depending on the solder
type. Exceeding these specifications may cause damage to the product. Be
cautious when there is high atmospheric humidity. We strongly recommend
a mild pre-bake (100° C. for 30 minutes). Your production environment may
differ therefore please thoroughly review these guidelines with your process
Wave Solder Operations for through-hole mounted products (THMT)
For Sn/Ag/Cu based solders:
Maximum Preheat Temperature 115° C.
Maximum Pot Temperature
270° C.
Maximum Solder Dwell Time
7 seconds
For Sn/Pb based solders:
Maximum Preheat Temperature 105° C.
Maximum Pot Temperature
250° C.
Maximum Solder Dwell Time
6 seconds
Murata Power Solutions, Inc.
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Tel: (508) 339-3000 (800) 233-2765 Fax: (508) 339-6356
www.murata-ps.com email: sales@murata-ps.com ISO 9001 REGISTERED
Murata Power Solutions, Inc. makes no representation that the use of its products in the circuits described herein, or the use of other
technical information contained herein, will not infringe upon existing or future patent rights. The descriptions contained herein do not imply
the granting of licenses to make, use, or sell equipment constructed in accordance therewith. Specifications are subject to change without
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