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FX8-060P-SV View Datasheet(PDF) - HIROSE ELECTRIC

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
FX8-060P-SV 0.6mm Pitch Stacking Height 3mm to 16mm Connector Hirose
FX8-060P-SV Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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BConnector Precautions for use
1. Tolerance Clearance on Mating Side
The effective contact length of the product is set to 0.7mm. Please use the product so as to set the clearance to less than
0.2mm between the header and the receptacle in the mating process.
2. Fixation between Mounting Boards
The very low profile and compact product, so never fix the connector between boards by mating force only
3. Stacking Height Tolerance for Mating
Stack 3mm
Stack 4mm
Note: Please Note that the above stacking tolerance doesn't include the solder paste thickness.
4. Handling two-piece connection Product
Both joint bars of the two-piece connection product are fixed by the joint members, but the mating cannot be implemented in
that state. Before mating, remove the joint bars as if pull it up. (Don't remove the joint members, before mounting on the
Before removing joint bar
After removing joint bar
5. Mounting Temperature Profile (Reference)
Applicable Conditions
Reflow system
:IR reflow
:Paste type 63 Sn/37 Pb
(Flux content 11 wt%)
Test board
:Glass epoxy 161mm x 100mm x 1.6 mm
Metal mask thickness
:0.15 mm
Recommended temperature profile.
The temperature may be slightly changed according to the solder
paste type and amount.
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