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FX-500-LAF-HNJ-H3-B6 View Datasheet(PDF) - Vectron International

Part NameFX-500-LAF-HNJ-H3-B6 Vectron
Vectron International Vectron
DescriptionLow Jitter Frequency Translator
FX-500-LAF-HNJ-H3-B6 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Product Data Sheet
Low Jitter Frequency Translator
The FX-500 is a complete crystal-based frequency
translator used in communications applications
where low jitter is paramount.
Performance advantages include superior jitter per-
formance, high output frequencies and small pack-
age size. Advanced custom ASIC technology
results in a highly robust, reliable and predictable
The device is packaged in a 6 pin J-Lead ceramic
package with a hermetic seam welded lid.
• Complete Frequency Translator to 77.760 MHz
• 3.3 Volt or 5.0 Volt Supply
• Capable of locking to an 8 kHz pulse/ BITS clock
• Tri-State Output allows board test
• Lock Detect
• J-Lead Ceramic Package
• Advanced Custom ASIC Technology
• Absolute Pull Range Performance to ±100 ppm
• CMOS Output
• Commercial or Industrial Temperature Range
• EIA Compatible Tape and Reel Packaging
• Frequency Translation, Clock Smoothing
• Datacom - DSLAM, DSLAR, Access Nodes
• Cable Modem Head End
• Base Station - GSM, CDMA
Figure 1. FX-500 Block Diagram
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